Clean combustion

Burning wood pellets in special purpose stoves is much more cleanly and efficiently compared with the destruction of bio-waste in the forest. This means that the wood pellets are considered carbon neutral.

High ECE and calorific value

The efficiency of the pellet burner is between 85% and 95% which means that the calories are absorbed most efficiently, but they are from 4300 to 5500 kcal / kg depending on the type of pellets. Those are 50-60% more calories compared to firewood that 3400 kcal / kg and 70% efficiency.

Low prices

Wood pellets have a stable price compared to many other fossil alternatives.

Renewable fuel

Wood pellets are environmentally friendly, made from a renewable source. By reducing the use of petroleum products and replacing them with wood pellets we protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions significantly.

Production of eco pellets Class A

We established Atlas Pellets Eco with the idea to produce eco wood pellet of the highest quality.

To accomplish this we built a modern factory that meets all the requirements for the production of pellets with a capacity of 2000 kg / h.

For production we use only wood and no additional adhesives. 100% natural raw materials.

Fully automated process ensures constant high quality product to our customers can be confident that when choosing pellets Atlas will receive the best quality.